iPhone lineup photos: Nothing gathers the crazies like a hyped gadget launch

Oh, hyped up product launches. Nothing brings out the strangest geeks around better than you. And the iPhone is no exception to the trend started by next-gen gaming consoles. I was up at the 5th ave Apple store both last night and this morning checking things out, and it's a circus up there.

Last night, it was pouring rain, which meant the two dozen or so diehards (or opportunists, depending) were forced to huddle under umbrellas, looking really miserable. This morning, the line had exploded in length, wrapping around the block and then some. Also, the media circus had officially begun. The first guy in line, pro line sitter rather than an Apple fanboy, was schmoozing it up with all the reporters, and remote vans lines the street. Will it all be worth it for these faithful few? Will normal folks be able to stroll in and buy an iPhone tomorrow? Time will tell.

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