iPhone Day is here!

Just as scripture… er, Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote predicted, the iPhone is about to go on sale, pretty much right on time. Which is really a story in and of itself — how many product launches this major actually happen when first promised? Jobs said June back in January, and here we are, with the iPhone debuting in June, if only just. Extra points there, Apple.

Though it's not like the company needs them. With Apple fans and serial lineup squatters flocking to Apple and AT&T stores throughout the country, the iPhone will likely sell out pretty damn quickly. But SCI FI Tech is on the case, with reporters live on the scene of Apple's Fifth Avenue store here in New York City. If all goes well, we might even get our hands on one of these babies sometime a little after 6 p.m. EDT, the time for the official launch in NYC.

Besides bringing you live coverage of our savior's arrival, we're going to be giving away some sweet Belkin iPhone accessories throughout the day, so keep an eye out for those. Now if you'll excuse us, we've gotta take a call…