Ingenious wireless speaker is full of transparency

Sometimes you've just got to give props to a product that's designed beautifully. Look at this Plug & Play wireless speaker system, designed by Per Brickstad. In a world where there's every wacky speaker design under the sun out there, it's rare that something can stand out as unique while also looking flat-out great. Shaped like a Mac mouse, its transparent back means your wall shines through, giving it a striking look yet keeping it subdued and not overwhelming.

In addition to its great aesthetics, the speakers are designed to play music wirelessly from any of your devices. It has a bunch of wireless transmitters that plug into the side to charge. If you want to use the speaker, simply pull one off and plug it into your music player. Voila, you've got streaming, wireless music. It's a brilliant design, and we want it made ASAP. Let's make it happen, people.

Per Brickstad, via Yanko Design