iH85 portable speaker blasts out your personal soundtrack

Tearing down the mountain on your dirt bike gets even better if you have your own personal soundtrack. iHome's iH85 Cycler is a portable mountable iPod speaker for your bike, exercise equipment or even Mommy's stroller. There are times when earphones just don't cut it — like when you're biking with a group or just want to blast your iPod. With the iH85 you can create your own musical environment. Of course, you can take the telescope-shaped speaker indoors or to the beach as well.

The iH85 comes with a remote you can mount on your handlebars for better control when your hands are full. The universal dock fits all dockable iPods. Tough, with a water- and impact-resistant polycarbonate case, the iH85 can take a lickin' and keep on playin'. It costs a hundred bucks and is available almost now. See a picture of the kit (with the mountable remote) after the jump.