Haier P7 Pen Phone: Nothing to write home about

You might think that a gadget called the "Pen Phone" would be both a pen and a phone. In the case of the Haier P7, you'd be wrong. It appears that the common writing instrument was just an inspiration for the design of this slim cell phone, though it does sport extras like a voice recorder and a rather underwhelming VGA camera, neither of which would be much help if you had to write something down in a hurry.

As a quad-band GSM phone, the P7 should work for you wherever on the globe you have to trot, and the battery will last you four hours of talk time (120 standby). It's 0.7 inch thick and just over an inch wide, so it should slip pretty nicely in between the real pens in your pocket protector, if you're so inclined. The P7 Pen(less) Phone will run you $250.

First to You, via Ministry of Tech