Finally, a conscientious parking meter

Don't you hate it when you miss refeeding the parking meter by mere minutes only to discover a parking ticket stuck to your windshield? You can't always make it back exactly on time, but does that mean you should get slapped with a fine? Why can't parking meters help you out a little bit?

Well, in the near future they just might. The PhotoViolationMeter will give you a call if your meter is running low, allowing you to pump it full of some more cash remotely. No more running back to your car in the middle of dinner to stick some quarters in; you can stay put and keep your self ticket-free from afar. It's a sweet idea, even if it means you'll need to give your phone number to a parking meter whenever you park. And don't think about arguing your way out of it if you decide to skip on payments: this meter will take snaps of your license plate, making sneaking off without paying the meter basically impossible. I guess that's the price of progress.

PhotoViolationMeter, via Crave