EXO storms into the high-end gaming market

When it comes to high-end gaming PCs, the sky's the limit to how crazy manufacturers will go to create the ultimate fragging machine. A new entry in the field is looking to establish a secure stop at the top of the heap thanks to some pretty crazy attention to detail. EXO, founded by some ex-Alienware people, is creating what looks to be one of the zaniest, fastest computers ever put together.

What makes EXO stand out from the rest? Well, first of all, they have an exclusive deal with Nvidia to get the top 1% of their products, the fastest and most overclockable graphics cards available anywhere. Further aiding in overclocking goodness is the watercooling system that will keep everything running at a nice, chilly temperature. Other features include a fancy, shiny case, a carrying case to tote it around with you, and all sorts of things that make upgrading it easier. It also comes with a 3-year warranty standard, which is a nice touch. There's no price available as of yet, but trust me, you can't afford it.

EXO, via Gizmodo