EL Declicker smoothes transfer of LPs to CDs without clicks

Even today, there are millions of people who own and listen to records (you know, LPs? Vinyl?). Did you know that there's music on Ls that was never released on CD? Enter the ELP Declicker, whose sole purpose in life is to remove clicks and background noise (but not the hiss) when transferring music from records to digital.

More importantly, it does all this without the help of a computer. Touted as the only product on the market that will do this, the Declicker will help transfer your analog LPs to CD or MP3 discs without the need for any fancy software. It's said to work well on reducing noise on 33rpm and 45rpm records, but I'm told it's not as effective on 78s.

Great idea, but not cheap — the $2,500 price is a major punch in the gut. But then, for audiophiles, no price is too high for a static-free recording. Right?