Designer dares to create the faceless watch

Think Swatches are minimalist? Check out the M60M wristwatch, designed by Roger Kellenberger. A watch can't get much more austere than not having a face at all. With no hands, the M60M tells time via a colored marker within the ring, with hours and quarter-hours marked on the bezel. Not super-precise, yeah, but that's a common tradeoff on a watch with an increased cool factor. Kellenberger scores extra points with his "open button," which pops the watch off your wrist with just a touch.

Of course, the M60M is merely a concept design right now, with no price, release date or even a manufacturer to speak of. Just as well — I'm not sure if my wrist could handle the increased attention of putting essentially a big target on it. More fancy Photoshop after the jump.

Yanko Design, via TechEBlog