Alien Abduction Lamp makes those invaders feel right at home

Remind yourself of those lost couple of days you spent aboard an alien spacecraft with this Alien Abduction Lamp, a design concept by Lasse Klein. If it's ever actually brought to market, it'll be made of metal and glass, and the light source inside the ship will not only provide a backlight for those little Martians peering out each of its windows, it will illuminate the tractor beam emanating from the ship's underside.

You turn on the lamp by pressing its antenna; rotate that antenna and the tractor beam springs to life, pulsating ominously. Designer Klein also plans to offer options, including bovine or human abductees hanging inside the tractor beam.

This might be a great addition to your alien-themed abode. Complemented by those otherworldly JBL Encounter speakers, they're sure to make your alien friends feel welcome when they return To Serve Man.

Abduction Lamp, via The Red Ferret Journal