What's that smell? Oh, yeah, it's my phone ringing

What do you get when you combine a smell-o-phone with a paper airplane? OK, so no one in their right mind would combine those two things — well, except maybe the designers at Nokia who came up with the Scentsory, a concept phone whose time has definitely not come.

Give Nokia credit for a lot of originality in its vision here, though. The Scentsory phone employs customizable scent specifications that let you actually smell callers. If your friends are anything like mine, that's probably not a good thing. Maybe they could tweak the concept to make it scratch-n-sniff so you can choose not to experience the odor of that buddy calling from the gym.

And if the Scentsory's olfactory wrinkle isn't enough, it also has an origami-like fold-up design using what appears to be a nearly transparent material. Think your kids pester you too much to play games on your phone? Wait until they figure out how to get the Scentsory to fly. One day they might be having wars with friends whose parents use the flying saucer phone.

Kimmu, via Ubergizmo