Warts and all: Digital picture frame plays video

What do you call a digital picture frame that plays video? Some might call it a small television, but Aluratek prefers the term "digital lifestyle device" to describe its new 10.5-inch high-res digital photo frame. In addition to holding photographs in its 256 MB of flash memory, it can play home movies at "near HD" quality (1,024 x 768 pixels).

Since the frame has built-in speakers, it can also play background MP3s to accompany slideshows. The device costs $200, which seems reasonable compared to digital frames that do far less, but we think Aluratek is missing a huge marketing opportunity: It should rename the "ADMPF110" the "Harry Potter Picture Frame" and sell it to millions of families who want to wave out from photographs, just like the Potters do in the films.

Aluratek digital frame via Engadget