Want your calls to smell better? There's a cell phone for that

Everyone who's ever owned a cell phone has found some aspect about it to complain about. It could be the call quality, button sensitivity or just the design. But I've never heard anyone say, "My phone doesn't smell fresh enough." Apparently Sony Ericsson has, creating phones to keep your mobile pleasing to your nose.

Sony E.'s SO703i phone, available only in Asia, has a slot for removable "aroma sheets" that can add an scent of your choice to your calling. Seeing as you spend a lot of time holding the phone (no pun intended) close to your face, this innovation might make some kind of sense — enough for Motorola to follow suit and patent a "communication device having a scent release feature." I'm sure the Body Shop crowd is pleased. Don't mind the rest of us snickering.

Check out a diagram from Moto's patent after the jump.

Sony Ericsson Japan, via HypeBeast
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