Time Projecting Laser Pointer annoys with a purpose

The Time Projecting Laser Pointer has me thinking about all those times some idiot at the movies has used his laser pointer to "entertain" the audience while waiting for the film to start. But with this gadget, that same idiot could actually be of some service — reminding the projectionist that Spider-Man 3 should have started five minutes ago.

Other than that, maybe you could try teaching your cat to tell time as you run her all over the house chasing that little light. Apart from that, I'm not convinced this doohickey has a lot of practical purpose. It's not as if we're not all made aware of the time about 300 times a day. Between our watches, cell phones, computer clocks, LED car clocks, oven timers, and, of course, the good old-fashioned alarm clock, I'd venture that most of us would like less access to the time, not more. Then again, for a measly $12, I suppose it could present a less confrontational method for pointing out to my zombie-like 9-year-old that he's exceeded his daily Nintendo limit.

Still, I'd much rather use my lasers to brush my hair or inflict injury.

ThinkGeek, via Ubergizmo