This picture frame has its own e-mail address

Wi-Fi in a photo frame? I know, at first it strikes you as about as useful as that USB eye mask, but this techno-combo is actually pretty cool. Obviously, the eStarling 2.0 frame is digital, made to display JPEG images, and the wireless connection opens up a whole array of possibilities. Get the frame for a friend and then e-mail pics right to it; the frame has its own address, and you can select who has the privilege of sending photos so you don't get spammed. You can also send pictures via cell phone, or even set up a photo feed from a Flickr account. Of course, there are also the usual slots for uploading images directly: MMC, SD, MS and CF memory cards are all welcome.

The eStarling would be perfect for loved ones who are separated for long periods, like soldiers in Iraq who want to send their spouses visual hellos. About the only thing in need of an upgrade is the resolution: just 480 x 234 pixels — a bit low for the roughly 4 x 6-inch screen. Oh, and the $250 price. Even though that's better than the Wi-Fi MemoryFrame we saw last fall, it's still pretty nuts.

, via New Launches