Thanko MP3 Alarm, modernity in old-tech disguise

This $25 MP3 alarm clock from Thanko looks old school, but it's able to play modern-day MP3 audio files. It's loaded with 30 different noises that will presumably wake you up in the morning. Hey, it beats that honk or beep that's waking you up now, doesn't it? Don't be fooled by those two old-fashioned bells on top, they don't do anything except just add some retro-charm to the equation.

If none of those included sounds suit you, it lets you record your own MP3s with up to a 50-second duration using its included PC software. Just hook it up to your PC with a USB cable, and feed whatever sounds you prefer into it. If you'd like to play more than a 50-second MP3 for your alarm, check out this MP3 alarm clock. For an ironic touch, we'd like to feed this one a sound effect of the ringing of an old-fashioned alarm clock.

Thanko, via New Launches