SpamTrap gets out your frustration at spam

Spam is one of the most annoying aspects of email. No, actually, it's more than annoying. It's frustrating. Frustrating bordering on infuriating. Sometimes, you just want to take that anger out on spam physically. Unfortunately, you generally don't get that chance.

That's the idea behind the SpamTrap. It makes your spam physical, then it enacts revenge upon it. It uses a spam filter, and when something is detected as spam it gets printed out and run through a shredder. What results is a satisfying pile of mangled online advertisements that shows you that yes, you're still in control. While this is merely an art project and therefore a one-of-a-kind item, you could always just print your spam out and shred it yourself. Somehow, however, that doesn't sound as fun.

Bill Shackelford, via Oh Gizmo!