Sony shows off flexible full-color OLED screen

Sony knocked our socks off earlier this year with its ultra-thin OLED TVs, and now the company takes that tech a step further with a flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display that could end up in thinner, lighter or softer electronic devices. This 2.5-inch prototype display is just .3-mm thick, and its flexible full-color display has a resolution of 169x120.

Jump to the next page and you'll see a remarkable video of Sony's flexible display, where you'll notice that it's not as easily bent as a piece of paper, but it's certainly less rigid than current LEDs.

Sony's not the first to roll out a full-color flexible OLED screen. LG Philips showed its 4-inch OLED last week, with an even higher resolution of 320x240. However, both these products are in the early prototype stage, and neither company has announced shipping products using the technology yet.

Pink Tentacle, via CrunchGear