Shining Cuckoo Clock is a real scream

As if the passage of time isn't disturbing enough, here comes the latest from the bizarre mind of designer Chris Dimino: The Shining cuckoo clock. No worries about sleeping through that alarm now — hang this baby on your bedroom wall, and you'll be up every hour, on the hour. That's how often the clock plays out the most famous scene from Stanley Kubrick's memorable 1980 film adaptation of the Steven King novel.

That's right. Every hour, this clock depicts Jack Nicholson's demented Jack crashing through a door and eerily proclaiming, "Here's Johnny!" And Dimino didn't stop there. The clock then re-enacts Shelley Duvall's blood-curdling scream. Did we mention that this all happens every hour?

It may not deliver the interactive fun of the gun-operated alarm clock, but The Shining cuckoo clock could very well help to get your home out of the family's Thanksgiving rotation.

Designhead, via Engadget