Sat-Go: DirecTV made to travel

DirecTV is now shipping its Sat-Go system, the first portable satellite-TV system. The combined LCD screen and satellite receiver is housed in a geeky briefcase and weighs a hard-to-schlep 27 pounds. But the setup is simple and requires no professional installation. The flat lid on the case is the antenna, able to swivel at the hinge, and there's a compass to help you scan the southern sky for DirecTV's satellites. Once you have line-of-sight and are locked on, you're good to go.

The 17-inch LCD isn't a widescreen, but we're told it's capable of displaying a 720p signal (presumably with black bars on the top and bottom). For power, the Sat-Go plugs into your car's cigarette-lighter jack, a wall socket, or you can use the battery. The battery takes eight hours to charge and only lasts an hour so plan ahead. If you're a DirecTV customer, you can go get your Sat-Go now for $1500 (plus $5 a month for service).