PodXtreme blasts your portable tunes

Having a portable speaker for your music player is fun, as it lets you share your tunes with people without needing to pass headphones around. The problem is, small speakers produce small sound. And by small I mean terrible. Tinny, flat, and painful to listen to is what you end up with when you hook up the cheap, wee speakers currently on the market.

Well, this PodXtreme purports to do more than that. With a built-in powersource, it claims to be able to put out sound that's actually decent. The speaker opens with an accordion-like contraption that supposedly makes the sound fuller and richer. Does it work up to its claims? Who knows, but for a mere $30 it seems like a better bet than the underpowered other speakers on the market if you're looking.

PodXtreme, via Oh Gizmo!