Philips AJ300D iPod dock packs some punch

The Philips AJ300D is a compact iPod dock and alarm clock that packs quite a bit of punch for being such a small, compact device. It comes in a bit more traditional package, unlike some of the docks recently seen around these parts like the George Foreman iGrill and the tentacle-friendly Dragon dock. It's reasonably priced ($80), too.

It includes the standard iPod dock connector and the connector for Philips' Go Gear MP3 player (Go Gear fans, get excited). It also has a AM/FM radio with digital presets, a remote control and an auxiliary input for any audio device. The LCD sits flush in the speaker grill which houses 6-watt amplified speakers that feature Philips' "wOOx" technology, said to make your low-frequency tunes sound just like good ol' mama singing right in front of you. The wide variety of features make the AJ300D a very suitable and inexpensive replacement for the trio of clock radio, iPod dock and AM/FM stereo currently commandeering your nightstand.

Philips, via Technabob