Panasonic calls insane heated snake a carpet for lack of better description

This is… interesting. It's called the "No-Constraints Carpet" by Panasonic, although it's not really anything like a carpet. It's more like a very fancy stuffed animal. Designed to feel like a favorite pet, it's a long, snake-like object that gets heated where you cuddle it. It has fleshlike control pads that are meant to resemble the pads on animal's feet, which is mildly unsettling. It comes in two sizes, a relatively modest 5-foot version and a room-taking-over 23-foot version.

This looks just too strange to really catch on — besides the fact that it's clearly not a carpet, so they need to work on the name. But hey, I'm sure some lonely people out there will appreciate having a long, fuzzy, heated snake to wrap around them when they're feeling cold or sad.

Tokyo Fiber, via Pink Tentacle