Motorola calls up hot new phones, including RAZR sequel

Hold the phone, Motorola has some new toys. With much pomp and ceremony, Motorola’s chairman Ed Zander yesterday announced the company's new entries into the cell-phone market. Here's what you can expect to see in the coming months:

First and foremost is the RAZR2, follow-up to the best-selling RAZR. Thinner than ever, the RAZR2 shaves off 2 millimeters from the original RAZR. There are three different models depending on the carrier: the V9 (shown above, a 3G HSDPA handset), V9m (EV-DO CDMA) and V8 (GSM). The screen's larger, with a 2-inch external screen for picture caller ID and 2.2-inch internal screen with twice the resolution of the original. Hardened glass makes it more scratch-resistant, and the internal frame is stainless steel with a cast-aluminum hinge that promises to withstand over 100,000 opening/closings. It also boasts processing speed that's 10 times faster than the RAZR. CrystalTalk adjusts audio for noisy environments.

Wait, there's more! The real-time point-to-point video feature allows another wireless customer to "see what I see" while a call is in progress. The RAZR2 can store up to 2 hours of video footage. While talking pictures, the multishoot feature snaps up to eight pictures, letting you choose the best shot from the series. Need the Net? The full-HTML browser can give you PC-like access to both personal and corporate e-mail accounts. Last, but still important is haptics technology: vibrating feedback for you finger taps so now you can punch with confidence in the dark.

More pics and phones after the jump.


There's an all-new ROKR line. The ROKR lets the music play using Windows Media. The ROKR Z6 slider is a plug and play. The slider version is the ROKR E6 and both phones feature USB 2.0 that side-loads a song in 2-3 seconds. External memory slot for microSD and 10 hours battery for music in airplane mode.


The MOTORIZR Z8 is a video-centric kick-slider phone preloaded with the movie The Bourne Identity, games and video capture. With a 4-GB microSD card (not included) you can store 12 full-length motion pictures or 70 hours of music. The camera records video at 30 frames per second (fps) and uploads to YouTube, MySpace and Flickr with one click.


Moto's Q9 is the company's new smartphone, which is said to actually have good voice quality! It also boasts speed and processing power. The 2-megapixel camera captures video at 15 fps.