Monster Cable iFreePlay headphones and iPod shuffle were made for each other

Monster Cable takes advantage of the diminutive size of the Apple iPod shuffle, building a pair of 1.6-ounce headphones around Apple's pint-sized music player. These iFreePlay headphones do away with wires altogether, letting you plug that shuffle right into the top of their left ear cup without the need for bothersome wires or complicated Bluetooth paraphernalia.

As soon as we saw these phones were made by Monster Cable (the company that doesn't mind charging innocent shoppers $85 for a $7 HDMI cable), we were concerned they'd be overly expensive. To the contrary—they're bargain-priced at $49.95. If their sound quality matches their slick design, these cans just might be worth it.

Monster Cable iFreePlay Product Page, via BusinessWire