Mini PC fans can finally start flipping out

Going on a trip often presents a dilemma for the road warrior. Do I need to lug my 6-pound laptop, or can I get by with my BlackBerry? While wireless handheld devices have become ever more powerful, they still suck if you want to write anything longer than a short note, or do some serious Web browsing. On the other hand, the most portable laptops seem to have been stuck at around 3 pounds, at least until now.

The long time in coming FlipStart is perhaps the smallest true PC so far, squeezing Windows Vista, a 30-gig hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 1.1-GHz processor into a 1.5-pound package that's a tad bigger than a paperback. OK, so there's no optical disc drive, but I think the biggest hurdle will be the $2,000 starting price. At least now that you can actually buy one, you can finally retire that old Toshiba Libretto you've been nursing along for years.

Get a sense of how small the FlipStart is after the jump.

Via Dynamism