Mactab: The Apple Tablet that'll never exist

This sexy concept design is called the Mactab, and, predictably enough, it's a Mac Tablet. Featuring a super-thin design with a stand and an equally-thin wireless keyboard, it looks like a tablet we might actually want to use. That is, if it existed. Which it doesn't, and probably never will.

But hey, why let things like reality stand in between you and your dreams? The Mactab has a hinge built into the back making it possible to use it as a normal computer at your desk. If you want to take it on the go, just fold the hinge in and carry it with you. That thin keyboard can be slid over the screen for protection when you're out and about, making sure you don't get ice cream on it or anything. Overall it's a pretty sweet design, albeit one that looks a little ahead of where current technology lies. But hey, maybe someday.

Via Yanko Design