LG.Philips has good hair day with flexible OLED display

A video display no thicker than a human hair is the latest breakthrough from LG.Philips. The 4-inch prototype has resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, can reproduce 16.77 million colors, and is just 150 μm thick.

The underlying technology is AMOLED, an active-matrix version of the organic light-emitting diode. Seoul-based LG.Philips co-developed it with U.S.-based Universal Display Corp. It uses a stainless metal substrate that's bendable, durable, and thermally stable when jolted with current.

Perhaps the best news is that these displays can be produced on existing TFT-LCD production lines. What LG.Philips can build, you can buy. Someday.

LG.Philips, via DigiTimes Displays and Gizmodo