LG iPod washing machine is worst iPod accessory yet

LG, clearly a company with its fingers on the pulse of consumers everywhere, has filed a patent for a washing machine with a built-in dock for either an iPod or a Zune. Yes, a washing machine with an iPod dock. Clearly, there's a new king of idiot mountain. Congrats, LG. Welcome to the top of the pile.

Why is this such an idiotic idea? Let me count the ways. First of all, who spends time next to a washing machine? You just put your clothes in, let it do its thing, and go do other stuff. You don't need entertainment for those 2 minutes that you're loading the machine. Secondly, why would you want to stick your expensive piece of electronics into something that is going to be full of soap and water and will be rumbling when in action? And thirdly… well, there is no thirdly, those first two really take care of everything quite nicely. Here's hoping LG comes to their senses and this horrible idea stays where it belongs: on the drawing board.

Gizmodiva, via New Launches