LawnBott mows the lawn when you can't

No time to mow your lawn? The LawnBott takes mowing reservations and cuts the grass when you want. This Bott will keep on cutting for up to 4 hours before returning to its docking station for refreshments and recharging. It's said to be so quiet, you can run it in the middle of the night without annoying the neighbors. It will cut up to 33,000 square feet on a charge. LawnBott isn't afraid of a little water, either — light rain is no problem, and if it senses too much water the Bott makes a beeline for the docking station.

Don't worry if you live in Seattle; it can navigate slopes up to 27°, and there's a remote control if you feel the need to supervise. LawnBott employs a flat blade to mulch the grass as it cuts. This model LB2000/Profeesional is $1,749. While not cheap, it only uses $7 to $10 worth of electricity a year. But I'd recommend bringing in the pets before any scheduled mow.