Insects? Quasars? Minox's mini telescope makes them both up close and personal

Picture this: You're out in the country, getting a little stargazing fix with the help of your fancy Minox Makroskop MS 8x25 mini telescope. Suddenly your friend grabs your arm: "Dude, is that a scorpion by your foot?" You can quickly find out by pointing the Makroskop down, since the 8x magnification is just as effective at short distances (about 1 foot minimum) as long ones. Yep, that's a scorpion, all right. Better run — ouch!

The featherlight (about 6 ounces) Minox has a five-element lens with a quick-focusing mechanism, so just a quick turn of the lens ring lets you transition your observations from beetles to Betelgeuse. Should the creepy-crawlies you're looking at attack, rest assured the Makroskop MS 8x25 will survive, thanks to a tough rubber exterior and water-resistant construction. And good news for you, four-eyes: the extended exit pupil lets you see the full field of view, even with your glasses on.

Minox, via Oh Gizmo!