Epoq Video Wristwatch has a thin OLED screen, MP3 playback

You are aware that in the future everyone will be watching TV on their wrists, aren't you? Apparently the future begins here, because this 12-mm-thick Epoq Video Wristwatch can play MPEG-4 and WMA video on its 1.5 inch 128 x 128-pixel screen. Adding to the efficiency of that video are the OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) that make up its 260K screen, tiny diodes which are a lot thinner, run cooler and use significantly less energy than traditional backlit LCD video displays.

It does more than just play video, too, storing 2 GB of MP3 audio files (a 4-GB model is in the works) on its internal flash memory and packing enough battery power to play those tunes for eight hours on a charge. It even has an FM radio on board, and oh yeah, it also tells you the time of day.

This is a fascinating design exercise using the latest OLED technology, but we're seriously wondering just how pleasurable it would be to watch video for long on a 1.5-inch screen. The cost of finding out is surprisingly low, though: $170.

First to You, via CrunchGear