Eco Kettle makes environmentalism reasonable

Being a more environmentally conscious person isn't just about the big things like buying a hybrid car or installing a solar panel on your roof. Sure, those things are great, but they're also expensive. You can curb your energy consumption in small ways as well, ways that won't break the bank and might actually save you time and money as well.

Take this Eco Kettle, for example. By allowing you to boil only the amount of water that you need, saving both time and energy. When before, when you just boiled up a bunch of water, you generally used twice as much energy than you needed and waited around for water that you didn't need to boil. The Eco Kettle boils a cub of water in a mere 35 seconds, saving not only energy but time. And hey, at $70 it's a heck of a lot cheaper than one of those Tesla Roadsters.

Eco Kettle, via Oh Gizmo!