Dubai tower to be 100% energy self-sufficient

A new skyscraper in Dubai, playground for the super-duper rich, will be 100% energy self-sufficient. Yep, it'll create all of its own energy itself, staying completely off the grid. Dubbed the Burj al-Taqa ("Energy Tower"), it uses a variety of methods to juice itself up.

First, there's a huge wind turbine on the roof, converting those ocean breezes into usable electricity. And by huge, I mean huge. We're talking a 197-foot wingspan here, which should be a spectacle in itself. It also has 161,459 square feet of solar arrays on the roof as well. There are even more solar arrays out to sea, floating on a manmade island within view of the tower. It also has a solar shield, protecting the tower from the sun and keeping it cooler. All this works together to make one super-efficient building.

MetaEfficient, via Spulch