Dr. Frog is a psychic, knows when plants need watering

If killing plants were illegal, I guarantee I would be on death row right about now. Good thing I don't own any pets. For those lazy and careless types, Dr. Frog notifies you when the plants need watering. The doc monitors the conductivity levels of the soil, and once the levels go below a certain level he springs into action with audible intermittent croaks to warn of low conductivity levels.

Dr. Frog includes light sensors so he, like you, will go to sleep at night. He runs off of G10 batteries and unlike many other plant-watering aides, Dr. Frog isn't limited to a single plant. I'm still puzzled how this frog managed to earn a doctorate for some simple conductivity tests. Hey frog, what's your secret? Is it the stethoscope? I can buy one those in a heartbeat if it will turn me in a doctor. I can even get one with an iPod dock. Beat that! Dr. Frog is available for £7.99, or approximately 16 George dubyas.

Lazybone, via SlashGear