Disc Pod makes piracy more convenient

Some would be quick to label a product like the Disc Pod completely pointless, but not me. I see the future for it. This device loads up with a spindle of blank CDs or DVDs and with a push of a button it'll eject a disc out, easily and painlessly. Sure you could just grab a disc off of the stack, but that's no fun, and in a world where you can buy things with your watch it's crucial to be as lazy as possible to cut it in this rough world.

This Disc Pod carries a $14 price tag and is just asking to be modded in various ways. Attach this to a drawing robot to automatically label discs or even graft it to a slot-loading optical drive for efficient burning. Now that bootleg DVD PowerPoint presentation will be ready to hit the streets for the big quarterly meeting faster than ever.

Malpin, via Slashgear