Digital corkscrew helps your wine keep its cool

For most of us, any wine we have around is sitting on a little rack in the kitchen, and the red wine gets poured at whatever the room temperature happens to be, while the white might get a few minutes in the chiller first. Now that I have all of you wine connoisseurs going apoplectic, let me tell you about a neat little tool that makes this type of wine abuse obsolete.

Experts will tell you that about 50°F is ideal for storage, yet most reds are best served about 10° warmer than that. So what to do? Guess? Pull the cork and stick a thermometer in? Heavens no. With the infrared wine thermometer you can actually read the temperature through the bottle, and compare to an ideal temperature chart printed on the side. It even has a corkscrew so you can open it at the opportune moment.

Now, aren't you happy this momentous problem facing mankind has finally been conquered? It's available now for $130. Hey, that's less than one good bottle!

Hammacher Schlemmer, via Gadgetizer