Corona lamp: Outdoor lighting the easy way

Outdoor lighting can often be difficult to blend into the greenery, and even harder to power, what with stringing cables or dealing with batteries. Designers Emi Fujita and Shane Kohatsu turned both problems into benefits by modeling their Corona light after a sunflower and making it solar-powered. A photovoltaic cell powers efficient LEDs in the bowl-shaped Corona, which is equally at home in a garden or a living room. Just stake it in the ground or attach it to a wall, and it'll start glowing as soon as the sun sets. It's said to not need any glues or fasteners.

As awesome as all that sounds, the Corona's only a concept/prototype at the moment, so you can't buy one just yet. It recently won an ICFF design award for Best New Designer, so there's hope for this one.

Check out some more cool pics of the Corona after the jump.

Corona Solar Light, via Inhabitat