Concept mouse checks your heart rate

Will the next advancement in computer-mouse technology involve personal health? Designer Kwok Lau thinks so, conceiving a mouse with sensors and a heart-rate monitor for anyone who wants to check their pulse while they're working. 'Cause, y'know, sitting in front of a PC can often push your body to the limit. I suppose if you've got a heart condition or some other kind of health issue, it's not a bad idea (certainly better than that mouse with the LCD screen), and if you get too stressed out playing Doom 3, the mouse will alert your hospital or caregiver via your PC.

It's kind of unclear from the rendering, but it appears the heartbeat indicator is either on the bottom of the mouse or on a separate display. For it to be useful, it had better be the latter. And the mouse's name, "Heartbeat Indicator," is pretty underwhelming, too. How about "MouseBeat" instead? I guess that sounds more like some kind of weekly podcast about computer mice. Hey, idea city…

Via Yanko Design