Anti-smoking jacket stops secondhand smoke

If this jacket doesn't make its wearer want to stop smoking, we'd be hard-pressed to find something that would. Fiona Carswell's interactive art project is a white jacket with a "container" that smokers can breathe into instead of exhaling into their friends' faces. The twist is that smoke then filters through the jacket into a pair of see-through "lungs," that first redden and then blacken over time.

According to the artist, smokers initially enjoyed wearing the jacket, but had to stop wearing it when their friends became uncomfortable and awkward around them. She doesn't mention anything about any of friends or wearers actually quitting smoking, however. That might require a more scientific solution. For more "educative" art, check out Carswell's malignant mole bikinis, which develop "cancer" when exposed to UV rays. Sunbathing and smoking have never been so fun!

Anti-Smoking Jacket, via We Make Money Not Art