Wind Chime Alarm Clock eases you awake with ethereal sounds

Honking and beeping alarm clocks are definitely not the best way to start your day, especially when you can have the pleasing sound of wind chimes teasing you out of your sweet slumber. You have your choice with the Wind Chime Alarm Clock, where you either can wake up to that awful generic beeping noise or set free the dulcet tones of those pipes of pan sticking up from the bottom of the clock's plastic case.

Just below those chimes there's a digital readout with the clock's two alarms and the date, and you also have a choice of 12- or 24-hour timekeeping. It even has a stopwatch function, which you can use to time exactly how long it takes for you to grow tired of its battery-draining continuous chiming function.

The Wind Chime Alarm Clock's $19.95 price doesn't seem like enough for it to be a quality product, but with its unusual techno-pipe organ looks, it certainly has us fooled so far.

Vat 19, via The Uber Review