Use your car to power your house

Having a generator around in case of a blackout is a nice idea, but not one that people who don't live in the middle of nowhere commonly go for. It's an expensive item to take on, especially when the chances of you losing power for an extended period of time don't seem that great.

But wait! There are terrorists out there! Who knows what vile schemes they're plotting at this very moment. Those schemes might just involve cutting your power! Perish the thought! Well, there's no need to run out and buy a generator if you've got a Prius kicking around, as Pacific Gas & Electric Co., California's big utility company, has figured out a hack to use a Prius to power your house. Just plug it into your wall outlet to get it charged up if there is power, or, alternatively, you can do the same thing to power your house when it's without electricity. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

Pacific Gas and Electric, via The Raw Feed