Tub racing made easy with Bathtub Racer

Don't look now, but bathtub racing is a real sport. There are many kinds: in water, over land, Australian, Canadian and others, but those varieties all require the use of real, porcelain tubs. That means design, innovation and heavy lifting — it's too much work for the average Joe. Don't you wish bathtub racing were simple and easy, like go-karts? Well, you're in luck. The Bathtub Racer is basically a souped-up battery powered go-kart, complete with shower attachment, from the company that brought you the toilet-shaped version, the Go Racer.

Two of the racers will set you back $10,000 (can't race with just one, after all), and it's another $10,000 for the accompanying inflatable racetrack, so it seems more like an investment for the local arcade than for your backyard.

Bathtub Racer, via Born Rich