The Intruder: cell phone or flying saucer?

Here's an unusual circular cell-phone design concept by Dennis Wostrodowski that looks more like a UFO than a phone. Given the intrusive nature of cellphones, we're not sure we would want to call one The Intruder. But once we got past that awkward name, we noticed this phone's smart looks and minuscule size. It's a tiny 2.5 inches in diameter, and instead of a conventional clamshell or slider design, the center part of this phone swivels out to reveal its 220 x 176-pixel display, resulting in a handset that's just under 5 inches long.

Its most appealing attribute is its thinness, just a third of an inch thick when it's swiveled closed and certain to fit easily into the smallest pocket. When a call comes in, there's a delightful ring of light that radiates from the center of the circle toward the outside. It gives whole new meaning to the phrase, "your phone is ringing." We're not even sure if the technology is available to create such a phone, but so what? We like it a lot anyway.

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