Subtitle glasses make subtitles personal

Subtitles are great for foreign films or if you're hard of hearing, but if you don't need them they can be a major distraction when you're trying to enjoy a movie. Your eyes always end up gravitating to the subtitles, making you miss out on the picture that you should be looking at. And hey, with the price of movie tickets these days you should be able to fully enjoy a film.

Well, now people who want subtitles and those who don't can both equally enjoy a movie. These subtitle glasses feature an attached subtitle display, allowing the viewer to get their subtitles without them being up on the screen. This would also be a great way for movies to be shown in various languages — just choose which language you want and get your own personal subtitles. Able to pick up a wireless signal, these should hopefully catch on in the near future.

Gizmodo, via UberGizmo