Static-discharging keychain: seriously?

Are you a total and complete wuss? It's OK — the first step to overcoming this problem is admitting that you have one. The second step is not wasting your money on things like this. It's a keychain that is designed to prevent you from getting a static shock when you touch metal objects. Yes, you're supposed to tenderly reach out with it and touch every door handle you come in contact with, just in case you might get a little zap.

Seriously? Isn't the solution worse than the problem here? Do you really want to have to gingerly test everything with this object, or can you just man up and deal with getting a little shock every once in a while? I mean, it's not like it hurts that badly. Come on, aren't you sick of being such a fear-filled, quivering wussbag?

Brando, via Uberreview