Smart fridge knows you eat too much ice cream

A kind of ho-hum Siemens refrigerator with a built-in TV was recently hacked by Kim Otto of Denmark's Innovation Lab, creating what seems like a great peek at what the future of home appliances will be.

The fridge is equipped with a RFID reader and a touchscreen computer, making it aware of its own contents. That means it knows when you run out of something, can alert you if there's a product recall, and can remind you to pick stuff up via a text message when you're out and about. It seems pretty smart, although until all of our food packaging comes loaded with RFID tags, it'll be difficult to make a fridge like this work as advertised without a lot of manual entering of items you buy into it, which kind of defeats the purpose. Eventually, my friends, this will be the norm. Sweet.

Innovation Lab, via Boing Boing