Portable grill lets you bring the cookout with you

Sometimes you just want to be able to bring a grill with you, because you just can't guarantee that there'll be one waiting for you at your destination. And are you really prepared to risk not being able to grill up some meat whenever you please? I didn't think so. Grilling isn't something to mess around with, people.

This Carry and Go BBQ solves your problems in the grill department. When folded up, it's shaped like a briefcase, making toting it to the in-laws' place a breeze. That way when you get there you can guarantee that you can hang out on the porch flipping burgers, hiding from the people inside and avoiding uncomfortable stress and awkward situations. See, a portable grill might just save your marriage! Grilling, it's a powerful thing.

I Want One of Those, via Gadget Candy