Meade mySKY, the next best thing to your own personal astronomer

Holding the Meade mySKY GPS-enhanced multimedia guide in your hands is just like standing next to an expert astronomer as he describes what you're seeing in the night sky. Reminding us of the Celestron SkyScout, both devices automatically align using GPS, so they're able to determine exactly where you're looking.

It's great for astronomy noobs. Line up an object in its sighting system of three pointer lights, and mySKY plays back video on its 480 x 234 LCD screen describing planets, constellations and galaxies from its database of 30,000 celestial objects. If you want a closer look than mySKY's naked-eye view of the heavens, it can link up with Meade AutoStar-enabled telescopes, and when you point mySKY at an star, it can command the attached telescope to point at that star, too.

If you've ever stood next to an actual astronomer pointing out different constellations, planets and galaxies, you'll know how that gives you a fascinating and entirely different perspective on what you're seeing. This $399 mySKY, available in May, could be the next best thing.

Meade (Video) via Businesswire