Magic Mirror puts ads between you and your reflection

Advertisers, it seems, will not rest until every surface we see during the day is plastered with an ad trying to sell us something. We've seen previously untouched surfaces get the ad treatment lately, such as airplane tray tables and urinal cakes, but this thing takes annoying advertising to a new level.

The Magic Mirror turns what was once a simple reflective surface in a public restroom into a glowing shill-box, featuring a glowing advertisement until you step right up to it. Only then does it go away, allowing you to see yourself without having overpriced vodka in your face.

Don't advertisers realize that there's a limit to how much of this crap we can take in? People are already training themselves to just ignore all this invasive advertising. They should just save their money and our sanity and quit while they're ahead.

Magic Displays, via Crave